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The best way to know if your home has asbestos is to hire an asbestos abatement company to survey your home. Triserve, Inc. is an asbestos removal company top-rated among local companies who have passed the country’s most in-depth rating processes. Triserve is rated among the highest of its competitors. We also offer accredited training for employees performing asbestos inspections, asbestos air sampling, and more. It is best to choose a certified asbestos Abatement company because not all certified companies have passed an in-depth ratings process that most other companies can’t pass. Be sure the asbestos removal company has been in business for a few years. Triserve is a Maryland based remediation company that specializes in asbestos removal and mold removal for residential and commercial properties.

You need to have an asbestos removal company do a test to check for asbestos. Hiring a professional asbestos abatement and removal firm is the safest course, but can be very costly. Most of the time asbestos does not need to be removed but only an asbestos removal company can tell you that.
An asbestos abatement permit and sign is required by the State of Maryland to ensure the safe abatement and removal of asbestos during renovation or demolition, and to be in compliance with asbestos/hazardous material regulations. It’s okay to hire roofing, flooring, and siding contractors who may be exempt from state asbestos removal licensing requirements, as long as they are trained in asbestos removal.

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Once an asbestos removal company has determined that you do have asbestos they will begin to proceed with the plan for asbestos removal. Maryland allows the notification to be filed by the the licensed asbestos abatement contractor. A Lead/Asbestos Abatement Sign should be filled out for a specific project and be posted appropriately throughout the duration of the abatement.The written notice must be on the Asbestos Abatement or Demolition Project Notification form provided by the Division. To avoid conflict of interest, have suspect materials tested by one company and abatement or removal done by another company. Triserve uses state-of-the-art asbestos abatement techniques and equipment. We make sure we have you covered when it comes to lead/asbestos abatement from enclosures to off-site removal.We can handle the asbestos abatement related to renovations, water, and fire damage, or property demolition. If the Maryland Department of Environment grants an emergency waiver, we may proceed with the work, once a form and fee have been submitted for the specific project within one working day of beginning the asbestos abatement activity for which the emergency waiver was granted. When you use the Asbestos Project Lookup to check the status of your paper notification, please search for it based on the project’s municipality and street address.

A notification is required by the MD Air Management Administration and the US EPA regulations for asbestos removal. The Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals also accredits individuals performing asbestos management activities such as inspection, design, and removal, approves asbestos training courses, issues permits for asbestos removal projects, issues demolition notifications, inspects asbestos removal projects, implements the management of asbestos-containing materials in schools, and investigates citizens’ complaints.

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Triserve provides accredited initial and refresher asbestos training for our employees who want to supervise and conduct asbestos removal. Licensed asbestos abatement contractors must be employed to remove asbestos-containing floor covering in a friable manner. Triserve is a trusted, lead-safe certified contractor that handles lead testing and removal, as well. The removal, or abatement of lead paint is treated as a hazardous procedure like asbestos removal.However, it is important for you to know what to do if you are ever dissatisfied with your asbestos removal company. Before you hire an asbestos removal company in Maryland restate your expectations and goals, and reiterate to the asbestos removal representative your understanding of the agreement. Be clear and upfront with the asbestos removal company.

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